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Our campaign for warm homes

The energy crisis is hitting all of us with soaring bills this winter. We've looked at what's causing the problem, who's hit hardest and the solutions to lower our heating bills and our emissions that harm our planet.

We're powering a new grassroots movement, bringing together different groups that are united by a common goal - warm homes that don't cost the earth.

A collection of people within the silhouette of a warm home

Most accurate map of trees across England

Our new data shows street trees, urban parks and woodlands across England and how many of us are living in areas with very few trees.

43% of neighbourhoods have less than 10% tree cover, and 84% have less than 20%. And lower-income neighbourhoods are more deprived of tree cover than wealthier ones, especially in rural areas.

The map also shows areas of opportunity for new woodlands, from planting and rewilding. See the top 10 local authorities with room for more trees.

What we've achieved

We're the UK's largest grassroots network.

From our campaigners and lawyers to local groups and supporters, we push for change on causes that matter to you, like:

  • Protecting your local area and making it more climate friendly.
  • Taking government to court over projects that harm our environment.
  • Fighting for environmental and social justice globally.
Our lawyers Katie and Will outside Court after Heathrow

Be part of the change

Get your Bee Saver Kit today

Bees are vital to a healthy environment and healthy economy, pollinating the vast majority of plants we rely on for food. But changes in climate may be disrupting bees’ nesting behaviour and their emergence after winter. It also means some plants are now flowering at different times to when bees are normally active.

Winter is the perfect time to buy a Bee Saver Kit and receive everything you need to ensure bees have food from trees and plants all year round.

Picture of Bee Saver Kit 2021