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Add an accelerator to your IE context menu. Requires Internet Explorer 8 or above.

You can install the accelerator directly from the Internet Explorer 8 Add-ons Gallery. Be sure the check the default provider option when installing.

To use the accelerator in Firefox, the Universal Search & IE 8 Accelerator 2.0 Add-on must be installed.

Why use the accelerator

There are a lot of non-clickable website lists posted to the forum and on other sites. With the accelerator installed in your IE, it's very easy to open their scorecards without having to copy and paste the domain name.

A preview of the existing reputation rating is available.

Accelerator preview.png

How it works

  • Select the domain you want to rate from the text. (Only the domain, e.g. example.com)
  • Right click over the selection or click the appearing accelerator symbol Ie8 accelerators icon.gif
    • Firefox users click More searches... -> More Accelerators
  • Hold the mouse over the WOT Scorecard and a preview of the existing reputation rating is displayed.
  • Select WOT Scorecard.
  • The scorecard of the selected domain is opened in a new tab.

Further information