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WOT Groups beta

01 April 2014

Announcement made in the forum discussion: Hashtags by Donsorg

we are ready to introduce a new section of WOT called WOT Groups Beta through which people can communicate and coordinate the use of tags. Some of the tags are "promoted" to be the starting point of a "group page" under which we collect information, for example, about all linked tags, most tagged domain names, popularity and most active taggers. We have also implemented basic social features such as following people/tags as well as a simple chat discussion board.

In order to be able to contribute hashtags and to participate to the discussion, you need to have a WOT account and also specifically join WOT Groups Beta. The group pages, however, will be visible to everyone.

Please note, that this new feature lives on beta.mywot.com

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  • Policies for Groups Beta
  • FAQ
  • WOT Group user profile
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