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WOT Community

Please read our Tasks and Guidelines.

Community awards and honors


Nominations are carried out and only WOT users who represent the best of WOT in terms of trustworthiness, reliability, confidence and team spirit will be selected. Award recipients will be selected manually by the WOT team and awards will be given out by New Year's Eve. Every outstanding nominee in each area will be chosen and profiled, along with a description of their accomplishments.

So what are you waiting for? Contribute more to WOT and earn yourself a better chance to be a nominee! Give yourself a pat on the back if you are already an award nominee, but remember to continue contributing too!

Publicity Award

The WOT Publicity award goes to those members who have enthusiastically promoted WOT and safe surfing to other people.
Any kind of activity could be eligible - writing on their own blog, forum, Q&A sites, social networking sites, how-to videos, through business or school contacts and or other innovative techniques.
Award publicity 2008.png
BobJam [1]

Bpvette [2]

Frank J. [3]

MysteryFCM [4]

Reprotected [5]

Spacequad [6]

Wehaveitall [7]

Award publicity 2009.png
BerArt [8]

Bill Mullins [9]

Cotojo [10]

Creastery [11]

Evilfantasy [12]

Frank J. [13]

Galaxyfox [14]

Hackman2007 [15]

jpvip [16]

Mandrake09 [17]

MysteryFCM [18]

Sun88990 [19]

YoKenny [20]

Top Member Award

The WOT Top Member award goes to those members who have made a significant contribution to the progress and development of WOT. They serve the community by giving their time, knowledge and advice to help others stay safe when shopping, searching or browsing on the Web.
Award top member 2008.png

Athlonite [21]

BobJam [22]

FlyAqua [23]

Phantazm [24]

Wehaveitall [25]

Xp54321 [26]

Award top member 2009.png

Athlonite [27]

BobJam [28]

Cotojo [29]

FlyAqua [30]

G7W [31]

Journeyman [32]

MysteryFCM [33]

Phantazm [34]

Rob [35]

Sebsauvage [36]

Soran [37]

Wehaveitall [38]

Yatti420 [39]

YoKenny [40]

Scam Buster Award

The WOT Scam Buster award goes to those members who have contributed in the battle for a safe Internet. They may have discovered and reported threats or scams that could do harm to others' computers, personal data and wallets, or contributed to research against cybercrime.
Award scam buster 2008.png
Bonsai Rosebushes [41]

Cotojo [42]

Logicman [43]

Lordpake [44]

Mandrake09 [45]

Yatti420 [46]

Award scam buster 2009.png
BobJam [47]

Catcha [48]

Cconniejean [49]

Cotojo [50]

Delan Azabani [51]

Difawi_Defrawy [52]

Frank J. [53]

G7W [54]

LiVeRpUdLiAn932 [55]

Logicman [56]

Lordpake [57]

Mandrake09 [58]

MikeWazowski [59]

MysteryFCM [60]

Shazza [61]

Spacequad [62]

Tonor [63]

Warxas [64]