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You must register an account to associate your website(s) with WOT.

Claim your site

Go to your user profile.

Click on the My Sites menu tab.

Enter your site's domain name in the text input box. Click Add. You should now see that WOT added the domain to your sites list.

Please do not claim and verify subdomains if you are the owner of the root (parent) domain. Subdomains inherit the root domain's reputation.


WOT verification creates a unique string to use to claim your domain. This string can be in the form of a META Tag, a Keyword, or an HTML file.

Since the string is unique to the domain, if you are adding and verifying multiple domains, you'll need to complete this process for each. You cannot use 1 verification code for more than 1 domain.

Click on the [verify] link. You will be presented with a drop-down select menu with the following two choices:


HTML file

  1. Download the .html file and upload it to http://YOUR_DOMAIN.COM. Do not edit the filename or contents.
  2. Make sure that you can view http://YOUR_DOMAIN.COM/mywot_uploaded_file.html in your browser before verifying your site.
  3. Once the file is viewable, return to your profile and click the Verify submit button.

If our servers cannot access the verification file, the problem is usually due to an incorrectly configured web server on the other end. Sometimes web servers refuse to serve clients who don't send some specific headers in the request, for example. Please send us a support request and we'll see why it is failing for your site.

 This choice requires having FTP access.

Meta tag

  1. Copy the generated meta tag, and paste it into your site's home page.
    It should go in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.
    <meta name="wot-verification" content="mywot_generated_code"/>
  2. Return to your profile and click the Verify submit button.

You can use your CMS control panel to edit your page and insert the META tag or you can FTP your modified page.


If you cannot place a new meta tag in your home page, add the generated (alphanumeric) WOT_keyword to the end of your list of keywords.

<meta name="keyword" content="keyword,keyword,WOT_keyword" />

Remember to separate keywords with a comma adding no space for valid formatting. reference: data profiles


 The HTML file name or the META tag / Keyword content will change if
 you login using a different account or if
 you delete the site from My Sites before verifying it.


Domains must be manually verified by WOT Staff

Site has been verified

After you have verified your site with WOT, you may remove the META tag, generated Keyword, or the uploaded HTML file.

Website description

By default, WOT incorporates the Meta Description on the domain's scorecard.

<meta name="description" content="website description" />

This description can be changed on the Scorecard if the site is verified.

  1. Open the My Sites page in your profile
  2. Click Edit in the options column of your verified site
  3. Enter the new description in the text input block
  4. Click Save

Free hosts

You can claim a site as yours as long as the site is either a domain name


Or the site is a subdomain


and you can either include the Meta Tag or generated Keyword into the header of the (generated) index page, or FTP the HTML file.

If your site is contained within a URL, you cannot add it to your My Sites.

WOT does not rate URL's.


Specific instructions to create META tag for Blogger may be found here:
Can You Make Use of the Keywords Meta Tag in Blogger?

Google sites

credit: Amobirius

  1. Copy the generated META tag information from your Profile > My sites > Verify
  2. Sign in to your Control Panel
  3. Click more -> Manage Site
  4. navigate to Google Webmaster Tools
  5. paste the Meta tag code
  6. click Save
  7. return to WOT profile; click Verify


credit: mentalist3d

  1. Login to your site and go to the dashboard.
Once in the Dashboard go to 'Appearance > Editor'
In the editor screen make sure your current theme is selected, and find the file 'header.php', click to open.
  1. Open a new tab or window and go to your WOT profile, then 'My Sites', click on 'Verify', where it says 'Authentication method:' select 'Meta Tag' and copy the code displayed.
  2. Switch back to your WordPress Tab/Window, and look for the following code: </head> just before that code, paste the WOT meta tag you copied, then click on 'Update File'.
  3. Once the file is updated, switch back to your WOT Tab/Window and click 'Verify'


Claim a wiki

This is a forum discussion which references a few MediaWiki extensions as possible alternatives in creating HTML meta tags. These have not been tested and are not official MediaWiki hacks.

If anyone has successfully used one of these extensions to verify their wiki in their WOT user profile, please reply to the forum discussion.