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You can synchronize the WOT add-on for multiple browsers on multiple computers.

How to Synchronize

Profile: Synchronize browser

1) Login to your account.
2) Go to your profile page.
3) Click on the "Synchronize" menu tab.

Synchronize your profile

You are accessing WOT via a different Web browser than before. If you would like, we can import your existing preferences to this browser and automatically sign you in when you access your account in future.

If you are using a public computer, do not synchronize your profile. Click "Don't synchronize" below to protect your privacy and return to your account page.

Note: If the tab is not available, your account is already synchronized for that computer and browser. You will need to check your account profile for the Synchronize link for each browser on each computer.

Advantages of synchronizing

  • WOT tallies your ratings and comments from all browser configurations which add to your account's Activity score.
  • WOT will override Warnings on all browsers / computers for sites that you have rated high though they may have an overall poor reputation

Automatic Login to WOT

1) Go to your profile page, scroll down and click Edit profile.
2) Look for the Privacy Settings box.
3) Check the option: "Allow the add-on to log me in automatically".
Note: If there is no check mark, click on it to "set" it.
4) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit to save changes.

Removing Synchronization

This must be done per browser, per computer that you had opted to synchronize.
Inspiration for this procedure is credited to this forum thread: How do I un-synchronize a computer?

This also resets Automatic Login, so if you desire WOT to log you in on browser startup, you will need to go to your profile select Edit Profile and check the box that says "Allow the add-on to log me in automatically." scroll down and click Submit to apply changes.

Internet Explorer

For each computer that you use with the Internet Explorer browser, you must manually remove synchronization. This requires use of RegEdit.

RegEdit locate key
RegEdit modify key value

Microsoft support: Windows registry information for advanced users

To start Regedit.exe

  1. Click Start, and then click Run.
  2. Type Regedit, and then click OK.

Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AppDataLow\Software\Against Intuition\WOT.

    • Software
      • AppDataLow
        • Software
          • Against Intuition
            • WOT

Locate the keys:

  1. weboftrust.witness_id
  2. weboftrust.witness_key

Reset their values to nothing, either double-click the key name or right-click, select Modify.

Delete the entered value, click OK.

Exit RegEdit by simply closing the window or click File => exit.

Mozilla Firefox

For each computer that you use with the Firefox browser, you must manually remove synchronization.

FF About:config access
FF About:config filtered keys
  1. Open about:config
    MozillaZine - About:config
    Type about:config in the Location Bar (address bar) and press Enter to display the list of preferences. If you see a page with the warning message, This might void your warranty!, click the button labeled "I'll be careful, I promise!", to continue (in fact, there is no warranty whatsoever, it's more a joke to ensure that users are aware of what they are about to do).
  2. Reset values of "weboftrust.witness_id" and "weboftrust.witness_key"
    MozillaZine - About:config Filter bar
    In the Filter bar type (copy / paste): weboftrust
    Scroll down the list of entries to find:
    (Generally the last two entries available in this view)
    • weboftrust.witness_id
    • weboftrust.witness_key
    Double-click the key name or right-click Modify to change the current value.
    Delete the current value, click OK to save changes, this must be done for both key entries.
  3. Restart the browser.


For each computer that you use with the Opera browser, you must manually remove synchronization.

  1. In Opera, navigate to your profile page, ensure you are logged in.
  2. Open Opera Dragonfly
    Or from the menu: Tools => Advanced => Opera Dragonfly
  3. In Opera Dragonfly navigate to Storage => Local Storage
    scroll down the list of Key / Value pairs to find:
    • witness_id
    • witness_key
  4. Right-click over each key, select Edit in the pop-up menu
  5. Delete the value (right) but not the key (left) for each item.
    There is no "save" any changes made are final!
  6. Close Opera Dragonfly
  7. Close Opera
    The next time you open Opera, navigate to your profile, you will need to log in, then you'll notice the Synchronization tab is present (again).