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What is Spam?

Spam is the electronic version of "junk mail", unsolicited e-mail that advertises a service or product.[1]

Go to for an estimate of the true cost of Spam.

Can any form of Spam be distributed from my computer without my consent?

Yes, Botnets are a type of potentially unwanted programs (sometimes classified as Malware) that may be installed without your knowledge and may use your computer as a zombie computer to distribute Spam. The originator of the Botnet software can control and use them for other purposes. Botnets can be removed by running the latest anti-virus or anti-spyware software or blocked by using a firewall software.

How do Botnets enter my computer without my consent?

Botnets can be installed by Backdoors, drive-by-downloads, web exploits, Worms, Computer Viruses and Trojan Horses.

Reporting Spam

How to Report Spam

Spamcop maintains a guide to finding the full headers of an email address, for users of the most popular email programs. You'll need the information contained in the full email headers in order to make an accurate spam report.

Viewing the email headers, if the spam message originated from:

Where to report Spam






If the owner of the domain name that the spam message originated from is protected by the WhoisGuard privacy service, you can report the spam directly to WhoisGuard.