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Normally, WOT rates host names instead of individual web pages. This means that all web pages hosted on shared web host will also share the same reputation, which may be undesirable for at least some of the more popular shared hosting sites. To mitigate the issue and bring more granularity to ratings, there's an ongoing experiment that allows ratings for a portion of the URL for selected websites.

Supported sites

Currently, the feature is enabled for Twitter and Google Sites. If the results are encouraging, more large shared sites may be supported in future.

Starting from February 2009, it's been possible to rate individual Twitter profiles. Profiles are treated similarly to subdomains, which means they'll initially inherit their reputation from, but have separate reputations once enough users rate them.

  • note:
    URL's containing a #1 do not generate a specific WOT scorecard for the Twitter account user. If you offer ratings for the user, you are actually rating It is best to middle-click the WOT icon or link to the scorecard from the WOT pop-up before rating to ensure you are rating the correct entity.

Support for Google Sites was added on October 2009. As the URLs for individual websites are of format /site/websitename, ratings are allowed for two sections of the URL path.