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Product Update – Machine Learning algorithm and Blacklist

3 years ago

We are happy to announce some significant upgrades to our product.

In the next few days, we will be launching a series of significant upgrades to WOT’s algorithms and exciting new features for Android – including Wi-Fi and app scanning.
This upcoming launch will offer an innovative Machine Learning algorithm predictor which will determine the safety of websites and.
In addition, we have upgraded our Blacklist integration which will provide further details on blacklisted websites.

We have reinstated our algorithm connection with some of our most trusted blacklist partners, and now users will receive updated information on harmful websites.
In the current version, the blacklist warning on a website appears under the scam, malware, and phishing categories.
As part of our product upgrade, WOT will show the users which website is on which blacklist – right on the site’s scorecard and on your extension.

Machine Learning (ML) Prediction Algorithm:
Today, millions of new websites (both safe and harmful) are created in a heartbeat, and every second thousand of safe and trusted websites can be turned malicious.

The idea behind our new ML algorithm is to create a self-learning predictor which is based on previously accumulated knowledge. By doing so, we create a safety prediction for Unknown (Grey websites without enough confidence) in order to color them as Safe (Green) or UnSafe (Red).

Some important details and notes:
The priority and focus of WOT’s algorithm was and will remain users’ ratings, reviews and trusted third-party black-lists. On top of these, we added the ML prediction as an extra layer of online safety.

WOT’s algorithm priority from now on is:
1. User rating and reviews/categories.
2. Third-Party BIack-lists.
3. ML Prediction.

This prioritization means that we still do not change colored sites (only the WOT community has the power to do so), and if a website earns enough confidence, the algorithm will choose users’ ratings and reviews over predictions.

Scorecard/Extension visibility:
We’ve added new text for sites that are colored by the algorithm –
“Estimated as Un/Trusted by WOT.”

What do we need from you?
1. Keep rating websites! This is our main source of knowledge to keep you safe.
2. Let us know of any problems you detect and for any unusual behavior of the WOT Algorithm
3. You can comment in this forum post to provide any feedback you like.

WOT – The Future of Safe Browsing.

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