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Adding search rules

The preferred way to add custom search rules to the Firefox add-on is to edit the user.js file in your Firefox profile folder using a text editor.

User-contributed search rules

Here is a list of additional search rules you can add to your WOT configuration:


Ecosia gives at least 80% of their search income to a rainforest protection program run by WWF.

           "a[target] ~ [ATTR] { display: none ! important; }");
           "a ~ [ATTR=\"NAME\"] { background: url(IMAGE) right no-repeat; }");
 user_pref("", 3);

Note: the prestyle rule stops another rating symbol from appearing next to the "Open in a new tab" icon.

There is also a restartless addon available from an independent developer which adds these rules.


Yauba is a real-time search engine focused on privacy.

           "h1 a ~ [ATTR=\"NAME\"] { background: url(IMAGE) right no-repeat; }");

Creating your own rules

If you know how to write CSS selectors and regular expressions you can also make your own rules.

You can quickly test your own rules by adding them to about:config and editing them. You can create rules using the following table:

Prefix Description<the name of your rule>.display The name that will displayed at the WOT search engine settings page<the name of your rule>.url A JavaScript regular expression matching the page at which WOT will run. Please note that special characters will be have to escaped ONCE if you add rules via about:config and TWICE if you enter your rules in the user.js file.<the name of your rule>.ign A JavaScript regular expression matching the site WOT runs at, for which ratings will NOT be shown. Again, please mind that you'll have to encode special characters.