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Bold textAs with any online system that allows users to post textual comments, there will be abuse such as spam; see also: Spam in blogs.

Flood control

  • registration date ≤ 7 days from current date
    To reduce spam, a post limit has been implemented. New registrations to the forum will have a 10 minute waiting period between postings on the Forum or Blog. This restriction is for all registrations that are up to one week old.


  • WOT incorporates Mollom
    A CAPTCHA has been introduced to control scorecard comment spam. On every 21st scorecard comment, you will be presented with a CAPTCHA to complete, in order to post your comment. This has been implemented to ensure that humans are commenting on website scorecards.

Scorecard comment voting

  • "Comment votes have been disabled for this site"
    When a site's reputation has become controversial i.e. there is a discrepancy between high and low ratings, the ability to agree or disagree with existing comments is deactivated. In most cases, this is an automatic response from WOT and is not an action taken by WOT Staff.

Scorecard comment editing

  • The comment owner cannot "game" (abuse) existing votes.
    Only positive comment votes are removed when comments are changed. Negative comment votes will remain when a comment is edited, including changes to the comment category.
    Source: Timo
    WOT 2.0 - Comment votes
    Comment categories have been removed. Instead the system incorporates rating categories which is no longer assigned to the comment. Changing rating categories has no affect on comment votes. With WOT 2.0 the comment voting order has changed. For more information: Recent changes on the order of the user comments