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Bee-friendly wildflower seeds: create a buzz in your garden with special bee-friendly wildflower seeds.

Activity handbook: 24 pages of fun activities including quizzes, nature games and much more!

Plastic-free stickers: colourful designs that are perfect for decorating your lunchbox or creating your own planet-saving poster.

10 Tips to Save the World poster: see how many planet-friendly actions you can tick off together.

Personalised membership card: nominate your family’s official Planet Protector with this personalised card.

Planet Protectors wallet: keep hold of all your cool planet-saving stuff with your own handy wallet.

An animated photo of the planet protector kit showing stickers, pack of wildflowers, and a leaflet titled 'planet protectors. There's animated monsters in the background, realistic leaves.

Fun activities for curious kids

From bee-friendly wildflower seeds to an activity handbook and poster, this special pack is bursting full of resources to help your child become a Planet Protector.

The personalised package contains hours and hours of entertainment, including quizzes, tree facts and instructions on how to make a wild nature corner.

Perfect for 5 to 11-year-olds.

What difference can a pack make?

Every time a Planet Protectors pack is ordered, it provides vital support for our campaigns. Thanks to supporters like you we've had huge successes over the years.

✔️ Climate Change Act: A world’s first law designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

✔️ Recycling Act: That green bin on your doorstep is thanks to our community, bringing recycling to every home.

✔️ Government commit to stop funding fossil fuels abroad: In 2020 our campaigners helped pressure the government to stop funding climate-wrecking fossil fuel projects abroad. A huge win for global climate justice.

Heathrow announcement Royal Courts Justice 2020
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