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The WOT forum to have moderators
posted: Fri 13 May 2011 - 10:18:39 AM UTC

Selected moderators:
(referenced for archival purposes)

Moderator duties

Spam removal
The purpose is to keep the forum as a channel for useful information exchange, free of spam. The moderators have permission to remove postings that they judge as spamming.
Spam examples
Advertisements of third-party sites and services.
Duplicate postings
Inappropriate posts
Posts not conforming to Community Guidelines or to Forum Guidelines
Examples include:
Off-topic posts / replies
Forum spam
Pointless forum threads
Community safety
Posts containing live links to dangerous websites are to be hidden and the user should be notified via PM as to why the post was removed.
  • example:
Why is site green when it's reported by Google SafeBrowsing as an attack site?
1] the user posted a live link rather than the simple domain name; ie:
2] The domain does not [yet] have a poor reputation so WOT allows the link to be followed
3] Visiting the site by clicking on the link could potentially infect the visitors computer.
these postings, including new topics should be hidden, it is not WOT's desire to lead its visitors to malicious websites.
When a moderator feels that a topic is getting too far off-topic or appears to be flaming, they shall step in and post a warning, as well as notifying Admins.

Moderator disputes

Do not hide posts by other moderators, because this leads to conflicts. If a moderator posts something on the forum it is because she/he thinks it's appropriate. If you disagree, discuss it in private, not on the forums. If you feel the post made by a moderator is completely inappropriate, report it to Admins.

Moderator actions

Magic-wand.png Hide
Allows a Moderator to remove a post from public view
Once "hidden" you have the ability to undo your changes; see Show (below)
Magic-wand.png Show
A quick "toggle" to show the post a Moderator has hidden.
This is only available once hidden, refreshing the page permanently removes the hidden post from Moderator view.

Staff Options

Icon checkmark box.png Highlight this post as being from a staff member?
Moderators can announce themselves by ticking the check-mark box which, when checked, will turn your username blue and add (Moderator) in brackets.

Flagged posts RSS feed

With the creation of the comment flag button users have the ability to report spam or other inappropriate content to forum moderators. These flagged posts are fed to an RSS feed: