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Similar sites now available on the scorecard
forum announcement
We decided to test a new feature on scorecard based on this week's poll results. At the end of the scorecard there is now a section which shows similar sites as the domain is, see https://www.mywot.com/scorecard/mywot.com. We get the similar sites feed from http://www.similarsites.com/


Scorecard banner for third-party advertising
forum announcement
We are about to run a test to see how the banner at the upper right corner on scorecards works for third-party advertising. The test is run on scorecards of sites that have a reputation rating below good or no reputation. You can only see the ads when you aren't logged in to WOT.


Feedback form
not formally announced, see: forum discussion
Feedback form is introduced in Chrome and Firefox only (and only if your browser is in English) and you might see it once you visit particular website WOT wants to know your opinion about.


WOT Groups beta
please see: WOT Groups
WOT freemium
forum announcement
We have reached a point in WOT development where we will start testing a few monetization models. In the following days we will begin testing WOT freemium with new users who haven't contributed to WOT at all. Under the limited features, there will be one or multiple from the core set of WOT functionality, such as blocking sites, displaying the warning screen, or the reputation icons.
Users who have recently installed the WOT add-on for Chrome and did fulfill above criteria may be asked to pay a fee, or to increase their contribution to continue using the add-on for free. Anyone with an activity score >= 500 (which equals ratings ~20 websites, for example), will be exempt from the freemium experiment.