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Users are rewarded activity points for rating websites and writing comments. All users have an activity score, which is visible on their profile page.

The activity score has nothing to do with an individual's rating reliability.

Earning activity points

You receive activity points every time you rate a website you haven't rated before. If you are a registered user, you will also receive further points from the following activities:

  • Leaving comments on website scorecards
  • Posting on the WOT website (forum, blog, poll etc.)

Please notice that the activity score won't update immediately after the activity, it's updated only once a day.

User levels

Rank and activity score

Registered users are grouped in different ranks based on their activity score. These ranks are visible on the profile and as a border with a distinct color around their avatar elsewhere on the website. The current user levels and the activity point range for each are:

Activity score User level Color Extra features
10,000 Platinum Mass rating tool
6000-9999 Gold
3000-5999 Silver
1500-2999 Bronze
0-1499 Rookie

The scoring system uses a logarithmic scale, which means the more points you have, the more difficult it will be to increase your score.

Activity score-related changes

Effective 04 January, 2013, the activity score has been capped at 10,000 points. There is no higher score achievable.

Also, the Community page had displayed an active users list denoting top 100 users based on points achieved; this list has been removed.

Both actions have been taken to help curb plausible abuse of the Mass rating tool.

Extra features

Users may be granted access to the mass rating tool after reaching the Platinum level, assuming that their activity is not suspicious. This allows you to rate up to 100 sites at the same time, leaving each site the same rating and comment, and is useful when rating a large number of sites with the same owner, for example. You should always act responsibly when using the mass rating tool. Using it is a privilege, which will be taken away from users suspected of spamming.

Note: All Gold Level Members before the mass rating tool update will continue to have access to the tool.