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Facebook Scams & How to Recognize Them

Facebook scams are unfortunately alive and well, with trending topics utilizing “Reward Offers” for the likes of free airline tickets and cheap Super Bowl tickets.

Web of Trust warns of lottery scam

Beware of the lottery scams

The other day we received a Lottery scam email, purporting to come from BBC. The email contained a document telling us that our email account won 500.000 GBP in a charity Bonanza and the sender claimed that the email address was taken from a Database of Internet Users – which naturally does not exist. But let’s take a look at the email.

Note to site owners: Watch out for fake WOT emails!

We have heard reports of some site owners receiving emails promising a good reputation in exchange for money after posting a review request on the WOT forum. These emails are a scam, and have not been sent by WOT.

How to Protect Yourself on Facebook


Facebook recently published an extensive security guide aimed for young adults, parents, and educators. Written by top security experts Linda McCarthy, Keith Watson, and Denise Weldon-Siviy, the guide explains the most common threats and advices how to deal with them in only 20 pages.